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Past Winners

Over the years there have been stories of monsters and whales and a prize winning fish or two. Here are some that we caught on film or were submitted to us in the picture contest!

Mic Barca.jpg

Congratulations to our 2023 picture contest winners! These 3 contestants have their entry fees paid for! Come see what they can do at the Derby on October 13-14!

Chris Patton.jpg
Patrick Warner 1.jpg
youth winners with trophies.jpg

Youth winners:

1st place: Ryker Gacoletto

2nd place: Carrson Cluff

3rd place: Mesa Stotlar

2022 winners

Adult Winners:

1st place: Bob Langnese

2nd place: Kyson Kenworthy

3rd place: Thomas Bettfreud

adults 1-3 with trophies.jpg
Bob Langnese Biggest fish & biggest bass.jpg

Biggest fish was also the biggest bass, caught by Bob Langnese

Smallest fish caught by Jahlon Lewis

Jahlon smallest fish.jpg

2021 winners

all winners.JPEG
Senior winners Kyson Kenworthy_Allen Rock_Bob Langnese.JPEG
junior winners Frankie Sample(1, L) Mason Sample (3, M), Summer Henderson (2,R).JPEG
biggest and smallest catch.JPEG

Senior winners: Kyson Kenworthy

Allen Rock

Bob Langnese

Junior winners: Frankie Sample (L) 

Summer Henderson (R)

Mason Sample (M)

Biggest Catch Winner: Judd Colson

Smallest Catch Winner: Allen Orton

2019 The Big Ones


2019 The Little Ones

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